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April 14, 2010


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Summary: entry to list all of the Hetalia Characters Sprites we are doing for RPGMaker, including fancharacters too (if you are colaborating, please check the list just in case we forgot to add you!) Also, we have some news about Gakuen Hetalia and other Hetalia Groups!

:star:GAKUEN HETALIA (学園ヘタリア Portable) TO BE RELEASHED:star:

Thanks to :icontou-toto: we received this info! There are not many details but check the info if you are interested!… "Gakuen Hetalia" is in the list of incoming releashes for PSP and the main character seems to be Seychelles, like in the original version ^^ I happened to read some info about it being releashed for NDS too, but my japanese it´s poor and I can´t find the site, so we´ll wait to confirm that, and for more news!

:star:REPAYING A FAVOR!:star:

Talking about Gakuen Hetalia again, our fellow Hetalia fans at :icongakuenhetalia: made us the favor of promoting the club, so we are now promoting one of their activities: The World Academy enrollment!!! Please do check this info… if you are interested in being one of the W.A.Students!!!

:star::star::star:RPGMaker CHARACTERS SPRITES SHEETS:star::star::star:

As many of you know already, we are working on pictures like this one… for our fanvideogame "Liet´s Quest", and it´s also our goal sharing them so that you can do your own Hetalia videogames using our resources! You can´t imagine how much time and work you´ll save if you don´t have to do everything srom scratch!

As soon as possible we´ll submit tutorials to explain how to do these little dudes and pixel art in general, just in case you need help!

****** RPG Maker XP Hetalia Characters Sprites ******

We aren´t using these for "Liet´s Quest" but we thought you may be interested in them! We found this AWESOME site… including most of the canon Hetalia Characters. People who want to use RPGM XP for a project are lucky! Just give the owner credit if you are using them ^^

In the other hand, if someone is going to do new versions or improved ones of Hetalia Characters in RPGMaker XP style, and if you want to share them with us, send them and we´ll upload them here ^v^

Here are other materials you´ll find useful to draw the sprited in RPGMaker XP style!… Online Characters Generator (so easy to use and fast!)
-hetalia-videogames.deviantart.… Explaining the difference between RPGMaker XP and RPGM VX

****** RPG Maker VX Hetalia Characters Sprites ******

We are using this style for “Liet´s Quest”. Very useful materials to draw them are:

-Official Female Characters Creator online…
-Official Male Characters Creator online…
-Bases to draw different bodies sizes and skin-colors…
-Base to know the exact maximun size of each character…
-You are lost? All of this is explained here:…

When drawing sprites, please be loyal to the original author, Himaruya Hidekaz, rather than to the anime, if you don´t mind! We encourage to do such because we think that, in the anime, lots of charas have lost some of the characteristics that make them unique and cool (like Heracles´ hair being so different from the original manga, Turkey being not dark-skinned anymore, Toris´ hair being not so cute and his eyes blue instead of the original green…etc)

You can do CHIBICOUNTRIES too, but the only ones we need so far are Toris, Felisk, Feliciano and HRE, so we prefer to concentrate in the adults for now (we´ll releashe a “base character sheet” to make chibicountries too, so it´s better to wait for it)

Please do tell us who you wish to do BEFORE STARTING TO WORK. The reason is, if you don´t tell us, someone may be working on it already even if it´s not in the list because we didn´t have time to update it (or we didn´t have enough new material to update)

Please comment if we are missing you or your character!!! And of course ask whatever you need!

****** CANON CHARACTERS: alphabetically ******

:star: STARRED CHARACTERS: They are starred because no one is doing them so far! Some of them are “provisionally claimed” meaning the claimer is working on other stuff and willing to do them when possible, but if you are very interested in doing them as well you can ask the original claimer if she/he doesn´t mind!

:star: AUSTRALIA (Aust)

AUSTRIA (Roderich Edelstein) ***in process, claimed by :iconminatorn:

BELARUS (Natalia Arlovskaya) ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

BELGIUM (Bel-chan) *** FINISHED by  :iconsophisticada:

:star: BULGARY (Gary)

:star: CAMEROON (CAME-san)

CANADA (Matthew Williams) ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

CHINA (Wang Yao) ***in process, claimed by :iconVivi-kiramaru-sama19

CUBA ***FINISHED by  :iconsophisticada:

:star: CYPRUS (Rus-kun)

DENMARK (Denny-san) ***in process, claimed by :iconsupremechocolatelove:

EGYPT (Gupta Muhammad Hassan) ***in process, claimed by :icon:iconxxkatrynaxx:

ENGLAND (Arthur Kirkland) ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

:star: ESTONIA (Eduard von Bock)

FINDLAND (Tino Väinämöinen) ***in process, calimed by :iconcarmenmcs:

FRANCE (Francis Bonnefoy) ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

GERMANIA ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

GERMANY (Ludwig) ***in process, claimed by :iconcielleduciel:

GREECE (Heracles Karpusi) ***in process, claimed by :iconroyal-guard-lover:

:star: NETHERLAND (Net)

HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (HRE) ***we lost track of the claimer, please comment if you are reading!

HONG KONG (Hong) ***we lost track of the claimer, please comment if you are reading!

HUNGARY  (Elizabeta Héderváry) *** FINISHED by :icontairoruxryuu: & :iconcarmenmcs:

ICELAND (Ice) ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

ITALY ROMANO (Lovino Vargas) ***in process, claimed by :icontsukiokamokona:

ITALY VENECIANO (Feliciano Vargas)

JAPAN (Honda Kiku) ***FINISHED by :icontamayo-chan:

KOREA (Im Yong Soo) *** in process, claimed by :iconvtophya

:star: LATVIA (Raivis Galante) ***provisionally claimed by :iconxxkatrynaxx:

LIECHTENSTEIN (Liecht) *** in process, claimed by :icondinoturtle:

LITHUANIA (Toris Lorinaitis) ***FINISHED by :iconcarmenmcs:

MONACO (Mónica) ***in process, claimed by :iconcarmenmcs:

:star: NORWAY (Noruue)

PHILIPPINES (Firi-tan) -------(waiting until her look is revealed in the third season)----------

POLAND (Feliks Łukasiewicz) ***in process, claimed by :icon Envious-Akatsuki-X3:

PRUSSIA (Gilbert Beilschmidt) ***we lost track of the claimer, please comment if you are reading!

ROME ***FINISHED by :iconroyal-guard-lover:

RUSSIA (Ivan Braginski) ***in process, claimed by :iconairrider:

SEALAND (Peter Kirkland) ***in process, claimed by :icontaploalboremixxz:

SEYCHELLES (Seisel-chan) ***FINISHED by  :iconsophisticada:

SPAIN (Antonio Fernández Carriedo)***in process, claimed by :iconcarmenmcs:

SWEDEN (Berwald Oxenstierna) ***we lost track of the claimer, please comment if you are reading!

:star: SWITZERLAND (Vash Zwingli) ***provisionally claimed by :iconxxkatrynaxx:

TAIWAN (Wan Wan) ***in process, claimed by :iconvivi-kiramaru-sama19:

THAILAND (Thai-san) ***FINISHED by :iconotemarino:

:star: TIBET (Bet-sama)

:star: TURKEY (Sadiq Adnan)

UKRAINE (Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya) ***FINISHED by :iconsophisticada:

:star:USA (Alfred F. Jones)  ***provisionally claimed by :iconcarmenmcs:

VIETNAM (Xiao Wang) ***in process, claimed by :icontamayo-chan:


We need to recreate the world of Hetalia and we need these dudes to help it looks more like the real thing! The starred ones are the ones we need more!


:star:-Yamato Nara

:star:-Old Man Fritz

:star:-Tony the Alien


-Pedobear  (…)

-María Teresa

-The Power Rangers

:star: -Iceland´s puffin *** in process, claimed by :icondinoturtle:

:star:-Panda (adult)

:star:-Panda (baby)

-Alfred´s bunnies

-Arthur´s familiar ***we lost track of the claimer, please comment if you are reading!

-Cats of different sizes and colors

-Ludwig´s dogs


-…others you can think of!!! (please do tell us!)


How can you have your fancharacters in the game, too? Please read here!… (we can translate to spanish and other languages if necessary)

There can be more than one representant of each country. Why? Because it wouldn’t be fair if someone got her México in the game and the others not just because she was first XD Don´t worry, this won´t cause problems in the videogame, I promise! This applies for canon character too… if you have another fanmade representant of Italy, Japan, or for example Monaco who has many different fanversions even if there is an official character now… we are accepting them too!

:iconcielleduciel: ***in process

:iconcarmenmcs: ***in process

:iconvtophya: ***in process

:iconxxkatrynaxx: ***in process

:icontsukiokamokona: ***in process

:iconminatorn: ***in process

:iconsophisticada: ***in process

:icontamayo-chan: *** in process

:icondinoturtle: *** in process

:icondinoturtle: *** in process

:iconcarmenmcs: *** in process

:iconxxkatrynaxx: ***in process

:iconnadiezda: ***in process
:iconsupremechocolatelove: ***in process
:icontaploalboremixxz: ***in process

:icontairoruxryuu: ***FINISHED

:iconxxkatrynaxx: ***in process

:iconcarmenmcs: ***in process

:iconspike-l-bite: ***in process

:iconsophisticada: ***FINISHED

YUGOTALIA: ***we lost track of the autor, please comment if you are reading! (you also claimed Prussia right? Please confirm ^^)

Please read this in case you are going to submit your sprites to your formal DA gallery! If you use bases for the srpites you have to take into consideration some stuff FAQ #304: Do you remove copies and trace-over art?
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