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April 8, 2010


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Summary: like the title says, we are going to talk about some easy videogames creators, like Mugen, RPG Maker and some Dating Sim Makers. They are ready to be used by any kind of users, from the ones who know how to program a little, those who are programmers of advanced level, to those who know nothing at all ^^


A very new games maker, a bit more difficult to use than RPGMaker but still totally newbiews friendly! IGMaker stands for "Indie Games Maker" which are action games that depend on fast reflexes. The classis platform games like Super Mario Bros., Megaman, Sonic etc are indie games, as well as RPG Games like the first Legend of Zelda games, Terranigma, Secret of Mana etc. Games like this one… or Touhou… are indie games too. With this IGMaker you can easily create all of those three kinds of game (platformers, action RPGs, and shooters) and for advanced users you can create any other kind of Indie Games too!

For more info, free Trial, to buy etc:…

***RPG MAKER For more info, free Trial, to buy etc:

I am sure some Hetalia fans have heard about "Romaheta"……… Well, Romaheta was created with RPGMaker XP. "HetaOni" was created with RPGMaker XP too, while "HetaQuest" was created with version VX.

For those who don´t know, RPGMaker XP and RPGMaker VX are the lastest installments in the RPGMaker series, and they are programs to create RPG Videogames… Examples of RPGs are Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Suikoden... they are those kind of videogames where you recruit characters for your party, battle with a system based on turns, cast magic and level up, get money and buy stuff, go around towns and talk to people... that´s pretty much a classic RPG ^^

You can get a demo and more official info about RPGMaker XP here… and about RPG Maker VX here……

Using earlier versions of RPG Maker is kinda pointless: RPG Maker VX and XP have all the nice features of the others but with better graphics and more options. Version XP and VX have some differences, making XP more popular than the other, but not necessary better. I like both and the decision depends on what kind of RPG you are making.

Main differences: (though they are both the same if you can program, but these are their features by default)

- VX is more "newbie-friendly" than XP. On version VX you can easily and quickly create maps, as well as automatically create "events" like opening doors, chests, etc without need to program yourself.

-Using vehicles: you can easily use them in VX without programing, but not in XP. You still can put them in XP if you use scrips of course!

-Version XP has much more "artistic" freedom in many senses. The maps you can create are much more complex, the characters sprites can have very different sizes, they have more animations than those in VX, etc. All of this is very limited on VX, but it's easier to use to.

-By the way, these are the Character Generators for both versions: this one for XP… and this one for VX females… and males… for more elaborated material, you can go here…… (explained how to use here…

-Battle system: the "default" one in the game is more or less the same in both, the only difference is... XP looks cool even though it´s pretty static, but VX literally narrates the battle and you only see a static image of your enemy. The battle System in Romaheta is the one used by XP…, I can´t find a video for VX mainly ´cos THE BATTLE SYSTEM IS SO LAME IN VX THAT NO ONE USES IT XDDD

Those are the default battle systems, however, with the correct script (programmation) and more graphics like these… you can change it to something like this……… You don´t need to know how to program, there are amazing guys who share their scripts so that everyone can just add them to their games ^^ (remember I am just presentanting the programs, so I won´t go into details this time)

(this is getting long but I guess it´s necessary XD) For those who want to start using it, everyone have a first time so make sure to use tutorials instead of trying to get the program to work magically! There are THOUSANDS OF TUTORIALS, and now thanks to youtube (I couldn´t search in You tube when I started, you are lucky! XD) you even can go there and see the actual thing moving, explained with voice, etc. I´ll give you just some example of the kind of tutorials for newbies you have around………

That´s all about RPG Maker for now, just a presentation with some basic stuff. I made it a little longer than I´ll do the other presentations because our latest project, "Liet´s Quest", it´s being created with RPG Maker and many of you wanted this info to understand better.

*** M.U.G.E.N.

...or also known as Mugen, it´s freeware to create 2D fighting games, you know, that kind of game like Street Fighters.

I am not familiarized with Mugen as I am with RPG Maker, but I wanted to let the members know about it´s existence, because is the goal of this club gathering this kind of information for people who would like to use them! Here, link to some info… and some Mugen in action so that you can see what are we talking about!………

As said before with RPG Maker, Mugen is SO EXTREMELY FUCKING POPULAR LIKE TOTALLY SERIOUS LOL!!! If you take a look at the links provided in that wikipedia article above, you´ll find tons of official information, sites and forums dedicates to help users, people who do tons of characters, tutorials and other stuff for Mugen... if you have ever wanted to create something like that... YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOW. We encourage you to try it!

If you ever start a "serious" project using Mugen (meaning if you are really going to work hard into the creation of a Hetalia fighting game, at least attemping to finish it as much as possible) and if you/your team want to promote their game here, to find more colaborators or just to show us your trials and games, please do tell us and we´ll create a blog entry for you! And please do share your graphics and arts in our gallery if you wish!

That´s all I´ll say about Mugen for now (remember it´s just a presentation!)


...YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THEM AND THEIR SEXY PICS XDDDDDDDDDDDD Just in case someone doesn´t know yet, Dating Sim (dating simulators) are that kind of visual novels games where your goal is to get dates (and if it´s +18 to get wild nights with other characters lol) or just to go around talking with people and seeying cool CGs (illustrations in cut scenes) of your fav characters. Hetalia Gakuen and Noto-sama are this kind of games……

Dating sims are, in reality, one of the simplest game to create ever. And it´s even simpler if you have a program for both newbies and experts like Ren'Py… Visual Novel Engine and again, there are tons of tutorials and videos around to learn! If you are interested in makin those, join forums were people can help you, interact with other memers, etc!

There are other dating sim makers around like "Ren-ai Sim Maker" or "InterAx" and you can also program visual novels using Flash. You won´t probably find any tutorials on how to do dating sim games or visual novels on Flash because, well, when you know how to use flash, you pretty much are prepared to create that kind of game without much help ^^ so, instead of searching especifically for that kind of tutorial, search for flash tutorials in general ^v^

You can take a look at this forum if you want to get more info on this kind of makers ^^…


Just to add some more stuff to the list because this kind of game is kinda popular in our gallery XD these dress-up games are very easy to make, too! You can do them with Flash. I´ll just leave some tutorials ok?……

***OTHERS: "Game Maker", just called like that, is another program easy to use that can handle different kinds of game creations. For example…… I know of the existence of ARPG Makers (actions rpg like The Legend of Zelda) and 2D Platform games (like Super Mario or Sonic) but I haven´t tried any before, I found these links if you are interested, they have bits of everything……

THAT´S ALL FOR NOW! I hope this was helful even if it´s so long and boring... but, we needed to give basic info to get people started in this kind of stuff, right? If you are experienced and can provide more info about popular and easy going programs like those, please do let us know! Thanks for reading!
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LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I always thought Indie games where independant games. That's what I was told it stands for, and I think recent Mario is not independent, since it has a big company behind it. Also, I believe most indie games are fast reflex because they are easier to make (at least I assume) when you don't have a big company with money flowing out the behind and ton of programmers and people working on the project. Please do collect me if I'm wrong! I don't want to start making games with my facts wrong!
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am not sure I understand you, but here I go:

Well for starters, all games can be considered to be part of different genres. No game is only a RPG, or a Platform game. Indies can be of any genre, the only reason they are called Indies is because they are "independent", like you said. So, yeah, Indie games aren't only just fast and action (that's more difficult to make than a RPG, actually) they can be of any genre, from platforms to shooters to fighting or RPG or tactics or whatever ^^ 

New Mario Bros. games aren't considered Indie nowadays, obviously, but back in the day, the first ones kinda were (most games were, they had teams of like 5 people creating them). We just named it as an example of what you can easily do with IndieMaker.

RPG Maker itself is for indie game makers but it's obviously focused on RPG games, hence the name... IGMaker is more general in that sense (and because of that, more difficult to use) but it doesn't mean you can't make RPG with IGMaker, or make platformers with RPG Maker. However, there is no point in that, because if you know enough to create a platformer with RPG Maker then you don't need to use that program at all, it is more difficult than making it from scratch. IGMaker itself is more focused on what RPG Maker doesn't do (platformers, shooters, etc.)

Did I help you at all?
LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes you did. So freakin much! I was sooooo confused earlier. Thanks! :iconiloveyouplz:
YorukamiYouichi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Another add, could I?

RPG Maker had 2 new versions: RPG Maker VX Ace (which from I know costs $79.99 for full version and 30-days free trial) and RPG Maker VX Ace Lite (unlimited free)

Somehow I'm disappointed to download RPG Maker VX Ace Lite ==
AlyssaAJ Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
Thank you for useful information :D. I'm kind of super new in this, making my own RPG games. But I want to try
creating Hetalia games instead. I'm going to borrow some of your sprites if you don't mind :3. I want to practice more~ My story plot is based on my dreams....about zombies or monsters -_-U (They are trap inside the big school mansion. I have lots of events xD. My classes I named in RPG are kind of weird...). I started creating it yesterday (Already have 11 maps for today). I'm using the latest version of Vx in trial because it's easy to use (I'm only a high school student. I think I can afford it 'cause I started saving since kindergarten, but I dunno how -_-U.). Sorry about my terrible grammars if you seen one. I'm not use to it :(. But anyway, thanks! :D. But I'm stuck about the door stuff in RPG today >.<. I should stop blabbering...
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad it helps! ^^
charleyx1x Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
thank you for helping me out
LightOfLaurelin Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
Hmm... Maybe I should make a game... XD
Luna-America-Chibi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
Do you know a good place for downloading the "Mugen" program stuff? Free would be lovely. :work: Thank you~!
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I do believe M.U.G.E.N is freeware... there are many forums dedicated to this programm, even more than to RPG Maker, so ask around and you'll find a safe source to download from ^^
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